Why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace

On women and men—2

Camille Paglia seems to be the feminist who most annoys other feminists. Yet I cannot see much other than wisdom in what she writes.

Ways of getting clients

Traditionally, small businesses have adopted many ways of getting clients: advertising (whether print, posters, radio), cold calling, direct mail, and networking among

A short piece about finding out what the prospect actually needs

1 You need to adopt a coaching approach to finding out what the prospect really needs. You don’t have to be a coach, but you need to ask the sort of questions a coach would.

What’s the best way to follow up a proposal…

In answering the question, I am following my own maxim ('Whenever anybody tells me they have a problem, all I know at that moment is that that is not the problem') by assuming

The «psychopathic corporation»

Although I embrace the concepts of a "psychopathic corporation" wholeheartedly, I suggest that there is more than one way to “put the shareholders’ interests above a

A short piece about selling

Don't! Many people confuse “sell” with “get client” (or “convert prospect to client”).

A short piece about business coaching and mentoring

This piece is about what you do and do not get from business coaching and mentoring.

A steel rose

Newsletter 112 : 27 january 2016

A short piece about the «facilitating environment»

Creating a “facilitating environment” is a key component of leadership. And, as I suggest leadership is an approach, an attitude, rather than a job description, it is

What is a «facilitating environment»?

Some time ago, I was running a workshop about leadership for charity bosses. During the conversation, one of the participants told us about the time when her charity lost a

Stress and work

A major issue with businesses is the extent to which stress felt by people in the business is created by the circumstances of the business and in the business. This is a

How to run a business networking event

Let’s be clear. Hiring a room, making a sign saying ‘Networking event’, and sticking it above the door, does not constitute providing a networking event. Networking events

On being a parent : on being a child—2

We were all children once. How we were brought up has affected, irretrievably, how we are now. It would be foolish to overlook the parallels that can be drawn between

On courage

Courage is grace under pressure. Ernest Hemingway . letter to F Scott Fitzgerald

Look around you

Newsletter 111 : 12 january 2016

GradStart for graduate recruits—programme definition

GradStart for Businesses is a programme designed to enable graduate recruits develop the personality, skills and knowledge they need to function optimally in the workplace.

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Five classic issues

Five classic issues which respond particularly successfully to the emotional intelligence at work approach.


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