Why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace

Short story

A superb exercise in concision.

The coaching conversation

Well formed outcomes are essential in defining or gathering requirements with a client. In fact, they are (or should be) the requirements. An outcome is the answer to the

Being right

Being right can be a big problem for people in charge—and indeed for people whose quality of service relies on their capacity to give good advice: accountants, financial

On eyes and looking

Look before you leap?

Leadership guide

Everything about leadership.

Recruiting for attitude

I trotted along to the IT department, having prepared myself for the interview. I was, however, surprised as the interview progressed that the personnel manager seemed not to

How to park in Bristol…

The council’s webpage, “Where to park in Bristol” does not tell you where to park in Bristol, which strikes me as a fundamental problem with the concept of the webpage.

On women and men

"If you wish women to love you, be original; I know a man who used to wear felt boots summer and winter, and women fell in love with him." Chekhov

On magic

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper". Interesting to see the relative dearth of quotations about magic before the last century.

How the scarcity model affects sales

The sales process and, to a lesser extent, marketing are the forums in which scarcity models show up most clearly in business. This is hardly surprising given that sales is

Shiny red car

One day, a driving instructor wrote in and asked for comments about his website. Could we think of any ways to improve it?

Welcome to this resource centre about emotional intelligence in the workplace

It is work in progress and we add to it often.  It contains material we have created, links to interesting and useful stuff on other people’s websites, and some entertaining diversions.  Jeremy also writes a personal blog.

There are more than two hundred pages of resources and blogs which are free to you to use.

Use the blue menu bar to locate guide articles, opinion pieces, case studies (true stories) and stories (untrue stories containing truths).

How we help

Please click on How we help (black menu bar) to find out more about how emotional intelligence at work helps people, businesses and other organisations transform themselves—by changing, growing and becoming more successful through the use of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Leadership and Management programme

Unlike many training courses, our programme ensures students get sufficient support in the workplace to implement what they learn in class by combining training and mentoring. Students can gain a certificate at ILM level 3.  More here.

Five classic issues

Five classic issues which respond particularly successfully to the emotional intelligence at work approach.

If any of this interests, or you have any queries or comments, please do contact us.

Jeremy Marchant discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.  Full video

Quotation of the moment

Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgement wage war against passion and your appetite. Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), Lebanese-American artist, poet and writer [Gibran is using judgement in its sense of discernment and assessment]

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