OK.  I’m doing what you told me.  How come it isn’t working?

In business, we all need to learn how to do things―whether it’s preparing a financial plan, writing a proposal, or participating in a networking event. Some people make it a

«Network better»: the programme

The programme will enable attenders to hugely raise their game in business networking and referral marketing.

«Network better»: the book

Network better is my new book on business networking—currently looking for a publisher.

A short piece about the strength of business relationships

In his book, Business by referral, Ivan Misner identifies three levels of networking relationship, defined by their strength: visibility, credibility, profitability.

“I’m not making progress with networking”

Most businesspeople are not as successful at networking as they would like to be.

What’s the best way to follow up a proposal…

In answering the question, I am following my own maxim ('Whenever anybody tells me they have a problem, all I know at that moment is that that is not the problem') by assuming

«Network better»: the pitch

Network better is my new book on business networking—currently looking for a publisher. Networking is the only activity that business people do that only requires good

A short piece about telling stories

Stories are memorable in ways that dry factual statements aren’t, particularly when you need to remembered in a crowd and other people are listening to other people telling

A short piece about being «good enough»

When I encounter resistance to this phrase (which is surprisingly often) it is usually, I feel, because people misunderstand it. It’s almost as if they think it means “not

Seven startup misconceptions

Seven misconceptions about startup businesses often perpetuated by people unaware of the need to do a bit of research or to listen to those who have experience; or, I regret