The chorusmaster’s tale

Havergal Brian's Gothic symphony remains one of the most challenging works in the choral repertoire. Far from being the random jottings of a deluded old man, the work is a


Some years ago, when I used to have lots of one to one meetings with people I met at networking events, I arranged to have such a get together with an accountant.

Another shiny red car

A few years ago, it was time to replace my car. Off I went to Bristol Street Motors in Stroud, where I had already bought two second hand cars, in search of a third.

Fresh fish sold here daily

I once came across a fishmonger in the high street (in a bygone age when we had fishmongers and we had high streets). He was proudly displaying a large message board on which

How to transform a relationship in twenty minutes

The client of a colleague reported difficulty being a parent to his middle child. The child was clearly unhappy. The father was unhappy because he did not know what to do


When I was quite small, my mother let me play out in the street when I was at home... Trouble was, in the house at the top of the road, there lived an Alsatian dog and,

Networking: just do it

Maggie was one of two directors of a small business. The directors knew that business networking was an important part of their strategy for growing the business, but only

Trust me, I’m a director

... the board wanted me to interview each member of the business... One finding was very prominent: the staff believed that the directors didn’t trust them.

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Recruiting for attitude

I trotted along to the IT department, having prepared myself for the interview. I was, however, surprised as the interview progressed that the personnel manager seemed not to