On silence

...nine quietly effective quotations

What does it all mean?

People are forever asking "what do you mean by...?" The following glossary is what we mean by key words.

Being a hypocrite

It's easy to be hypocritical, but you need to be a national politician to do it spectacularly. More examples (from any era) welcomed.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) was popularised by Daniel Goleman in his book, Emotional intelligence. In it, Goleman cites five domains of EI...

Thinker, feeler, knower, sensor ?

In 1928, Carl Jung identified that people receive and process information in four ways: thinking, feeling, intuition and sensing (in a kinaesthetic sense)

Purpose and outcomes

Whether it is a meeting, a conversation, a business, a job, a holiday—absolutely any human activity—it is worth asking: “What is the purpose of this meeting, conversation,

On truth

Personally, I am not sure there is anything called "truth". There are true statements but, just as there is not a concrete thing called "greenness" even though there are

Don’t push—be curious

My company is called Jeremy Marchant Limited. But that makes it too much about me, so I decided to trade under the brand emotional intelligence at work


Apart from a few odd individuals, people don’t buy power tools so they can slip into the garage and caress them. They buy an electric drill because they need a hole in the wall.