Being right

Being right can be a big problem for people in charge—and indeed for people whose quality of service relies on their capacity to give good advice: accountants, financial

Thinker, feeler, knower, sensor ?

In 1928, Carl Jung identified that people receive and process information in four ways: thinking, feeling, intuition and sensing (in a kinaesthetic sense)

The behaviour cycle

For every person, behaviour is driven by their emotions and feelings, and by their thoughts and beliefs. One cannot act unless one has premises on which to initiate

Business functional structure

It is a truism that there is a lot to do in business. Businesses of more than one person need to be confident that each person knows their responsibilities

Creating a good environment for staff

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about how team dynamics affect performance at work and what the manager can do

Seven ways for better teamwork

Success for the team comes from each person giving or being their best; neither of these involve winning or beating others.

Stretch—don’t stress

It is a natural behavioural strategy to avoid situations which are stressful or have the potential to be stressful.

Influencing others

To help us understand how to be more influential it’s useful to understand what generates our and others’ behaviour.

Leadership and emotional intelligence

In this video, Jeremy Marchant discusses an emotionally intelligent approach to leadership and suggests a new, effective way of thinking about management and leadership.

What do managers who are leaders do…

We believe leaders differentiate themselves from others in four ways...