Ways of getting clients

Traditionally, small businesses have adopted many ways of getting clients: advertising (whether print, posters, radio), cold calling, direct mail, and networking among

A short piece about the principles of networking

These ten principles of networking (particularly aimed at startup businesses) have been developed from thirteen years of networking, coaching and teaching about networking and

A short piece about elevator pitches

The idea of an ‘elevator pitch’ is that you get into a lift (elevator) only to find that inside is the very person whom you need to persuade to help your business. What do you

Briefing an advocate

What does your advocate need from you? The purpose of having an advocate is to have them refer their contact/friend/business colleague to you. It is not for them to "sell"

Setting the right intention

Accept 100% responsibility for your outcomes and accept that there’s another person in the discussion with their own set of needs, wants, desires and outcomes

A short piece about going to networking events

Before you go to a networking event, you need to find one that is worth going to. You need to know why you’re going—in other words, your purpose. You need to know what you

A short piece about business networking events

There are many opportunities for business people and others to go to networking events. Whether these are any good, is a matter of opinion.

Stop selling!—1: Two barrels

Imagine you have two barrels. One is full of expensive wine, the other is full of urine.

Networking: just do it

Maggie was one of two directors of a small business. The directors knew that business networking was an important part of their strategy for growing the business, but only

How to ask open questions confidently

I was asked on LinkedIn how less sure and less experienced coaches could increase their confidence to ask the most useful questions which can often be the hardest to ask (and