Elsie had a tempestuous childhood relationship with her sister and this troubled her well into her adult life.

«Network better»: the programme

The programme will enable attenders to hugely raise their game in business networking and referral marketing.

On being a parent : on being a child—3

As a child I assumed that when I reached adulthood, I would have grown-up thoughts. David Sedaris

On women and men—2

Camille Paglia seems to be the feminist who most annoys other feminists. Yet I cannot see much other than wisdom in what she writes.

A short piece about the «facilitating environment»

Creating a “facilitating environment” is a key component of leadership. And, as I suggest leadership is an approach, an attitude, rather than a job description, it is

Stress and work

A major issue with businesses is the extent to which stress felt by people in the business is created by the circumstances of the business and in the business. This is a

On being a parent : on being a child—2

We were all children once. How we were brought up has affected, irretrievably, how we are now. It would be foolish to overlook the parallels that can be drawn between

Being metaphysical

The 'metaphysical poets' have a reputation for being difficult. And they are. However the metaphysical poets, amongst whom Donne and Marvell stand tall, can use language in

A (very) short piece about the stages of a work relationship

The five stages of a business relationship

A short piece about intention

Having previously said that I don’t recommend having expectations, it may seem perverse that I am suggesting that intentions are fine. But these really aren’t the same thing.