emotional intelligence at work beliefs

Over the years, emotional intelligence at work has refined and concentrated its beliefs down to three. In conjunction with three concepts, these make emotional intelligence

A core belief of emotional intelligence at work

In this video, Jeremy Marchant reveals (one of) emotional intelligence at work's core beliefs

The three key concepts of emotional intelligence at work

If you boiled all of emotional intelligence at work down to three words, those words would be: relationships, leadership, communication.

Benefits of the emotional intelligence at work approach

We don't really talk about benefits. For us, the key subject is how businesses and other organisations are going to resolve their problems and issues.

Bespoke coaching

Our approach is suitable for successful businesses that want to be more successful.

How we help diagnose the problem

We believe that, whenever a client tells they have a problem, all we know at that moment is that that is almost certainly not the problem.

About emotional intelligence at work

We are entirely practical in our approach: facilitating real changes in our clients, not just talking about it.

Strategic leadership programme

The strategic leadership programme of coaching and mentoring uses six core models. These describe how people behave in emotionally intelligent terms.

A client’s experience of emotional intelligence at work

In this video, Dave Harries talks about working with emotional intelligence at work.

Meeting the client’s needs

In this video, Jeremy Marchant describes some of emotional intelligence at work's clients and talks about how the service is tailored to meet specific needs.