A short piece about perfectionism

Perfection is actually a way the mind has of stopping us moving forward. “I can’t take the next step because I haven’t done this one perfectly yet”.

What to do to stop projects failing

To be honest, this might be better titled, What to do to reduce the risk of projects failing. It's a very brief summary in response to the interesting work done by the

How to choose a regular business networking event

A useful, regular networking event is likely to cost you both an admission fee to each event and a membership fee to belong to the organisation. Here are some questions to

Ways of getting clients

Traditionally, small businesses have adopted many ways of getting clients: advertising (whether print, posters, radio), cold calling, direct mail, and networking among

A short piece about finding out what the prospect actually needs

1 You need to adopt a coaching approach to finding out what the prospect really needs. You don’t have to be a coach, but you need to ask the sort of questions a coach would.

The «psychopathic corporation»

Although I embrace the concepts of a "psychopathic corporation" wholeheartedly, I suggest that there is more than one way to “put the shareholders’ interests above a

A short piece about selling

Don't! Many people confuse “sell” with “get client” (or “convert prospect to client”).

Stress and work

A major issue with businesses is the extent to which stress felt by people in the business is created by the circumstances of the business and in the business. This is a

An approach to hiring and inducting graduates that works

During the course of our conversation, it became apparent that Waterstons not only has a well-developed process for bringing new graduate recruits into the business, but also

A short piece about the principles of networking

These ten principles of networking (particularly aimed at startup businesses) have been developed from thirteen years of networking, coaching and teaching about networking and