How the scarcity model affects sales

The sales process and, to a lesser extent, marketing are the forums in which scarcity models show up most clearly in business. This is hardly surprising given that sales is

How the scarcity model affects business

A scarcity model, as opposed to an abundance model, is a belief that there is not enough to go around and that we will lose if we don’t fight for everything. That “not enough”

On change—1

As they say, change is the only certainty (well, apart from death and taxes, of course).

“We are struggling to grow the business…”

Building a successful business is no mean feat. Of course, along the way, there are always hurdles to overcome. Sometimes the barriers are obvious, more sales are needed or

More time to think

In a recent poll, when asked, “What one improvement could make your business more profitable?”, I voted “Having more time to think”, confident I would be in the minority, only

Why IT projects overrun…

As a consultant, I worked on many assignments for corporates, such as the BBC, EWS Railways and many others, where my job was to be the interface between the clients and

Business functional structure

It is a truism that there is a lot to do in business. Businesses of more than one person need to be confident that each person knows their responsibilities

Time and motion

It was a care home. He couldn’t be entirely clear what their problem was, but they had said they needed a time and motion study and, did I do those?

Getting clients 2

Bids and tenders are often essential to get a client, particularly in large projects Yet many are quite simply not up to the job, let alone being actually compelling.

Changing the business

In this video, Jeremy Marchant discusses how to approach change in a way that ensures its success within a business.