Going for growth

What do you measure when you measure business growth?...

On being stuck

There is an interesting category of business which I describe as being ‘stuck in growth’. Usually these businesses are outwardly successful, but they are not meeting

Every business needs an entrepreneur

When George W Bush was reported to have said “the French don’t have a word for entrepreneur”, my how we laughed.

What goes around comes around

It’s said that men tend to have a linear view of progress whereas women’s view is cyclical.

Why it can be so difficult to take action

I have a client – or, rather, I don’t have a client – who, despite being granted funding for coaching, has still not booked the first session after four months.


Back when I was a business consultant, one of my clients was a train operating company. So I asked them what a train was.

Too busy

Daisy impressed me by the diligence she put into ensuring that her staff got the training they needed. Eventually, I turned to her and said, “So who trains you, Daisy?”