“I’m becoming stressed and disillusioned”

Is your business helping or preventing you achieve personal goals? How about your staff? Why do you go to work? However much you enjoy what you do most people work in order

“We are struggling to grow the business…”

Building a successful business is no mean feat. Of course, along the way, there are always hurdles to overcome. Sometimes the barriers are obvious, more sales are needed or

What is the difference between coaching, mentoring…

At emotional intelligence at work, we deploy a variety of techniques fluidly with clients, slipping between them as best we can to meet the client’s needs as we perceive them.

Getting clients 2

Bids and tenders are often essential to get a client, particularly in large projects Yet many are quite simply not up to the job, let alone being actually compelling.

Getting clients by networking and advocacy

All businesses need to be aware of the power of networking and advocacy as a means of obtaining clients. Often, it is the most productive use of businesspeople’s limited time

Business transformation

According to Wikipedia, “Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment”. At

What’s the problem?

Here are five classic issues which respond particularly successfully to the emotional intelligence at work approach

Personal effectiveness

This is a set of courses whose intention is to enable people to perform more effectively at work. That starts with being able to perform more effectively oneself.

Interpersonal effectiveness

If a business is to be more successful, the people in the business will need to be able to work with each other better. This training addresses this need.

Training guide

emotional intelligence at work offers training in a variety of applications of emotional intelligence to the business world