Shiny red car

One day, a driving instructor wrote in and asked for comments about his website. Could we think of any ways to improve it?

Time and motion

It was a care home. He couldn’t be entirely clear what their problem was, but they had said they needed a time and motion study and, did I do those?

A story about stories

One Friday afternoon, the telephone rang. It was a woman who asked me if she could discuss my website. Thinking that this was another website developer cold calling about my website

Seeing the light

I’d been working with Mike and his business for some time. One morning, we were talking about his five year plan and his strategy to meet the targets in the plan.

Don’t push—be curious

My company is called Jeremy Marchant Limited. But that makes it too much about me, so I decided to trade under the brand emotional intelligence at work

How one client got out of his own way

In this video, Jeremy Marchant tells a powerful story about a client who had to accept that holding on to an issue was holding him back in his business.

An emotionally intelligent approach to sales

...Amazingly, the salesman still persisted – so my client walked out, the laptops not bought...

Expecting a response

"I seem to have a problem when I congratulate people for something and they don't say anything in return ..."


Back when I was a business consultant, one of my clients was a train operating company. So I asked them what a train was.

Too busy

Daisy impressed me by the diligence she put into ensuring that her staff got the training they needed. Eventually, I turned to her and said, “So who trains you, Daisy?”