On communication and media

Marshall McLuhan’s work was characterised by two things: an extraordinary prescience and a capacity for a remarkable turn of phrase.


Attitude is not a negative word. It’s true you can have a bad attitude towards something; but equally you can have a good attitude towards something, for example business

Full steam ahead

Newsletter 117 : 19 july 2016

The intergenerational communication gap at work

That there is an intergenerational communication gap shouldn’t come as surprise. Many people experience it directly. And, ’twas ever thus:

Perception is projection

Perception and projection are two psychological processes. They are values-neutral, neither good nor bad in themselves. We repress stuff in our minds which we find hard to

Setting the right intention

Accept 100% responsibility for your outcomes and accept that there’s another person in the discussion with their own set of needs, wants, desires and outcomes


To handle resistance to your ideas and influence during negotiation, you will first need to know why there is an objection. Typically, people object or resist because they:

A short piece about how we interpret communication

The meaning of a message is what the recipient makes of it... The outcome of any communication is what we intend it to be

A short piece about being assertive

Being assertive means respecting yourself and other people; seeing people as equal to you, not better than you or less important than you. The goal of assertive behaviour is

Building rapport—1

Rapport is the ability to relate to others in a positive and constructive way which emphasises the humanity and ‘otherness’ of other people.