Stop selling!—1: Two barrels

Imagine you have two barrels. One is full of expensive wine, the other is full of urine.

Fresh fish sold here daily

I once came across a fishmonger in the high street (in a bygone age when we had fishmongers and we had high streets). He was proudly displaying a large message board on which

How to transform a relationship in twenty minutes

The client of a colleague reported difficulty being a parent to his middle child. The child was clearly unhappy. The father was unhappy because he did not know what to do

The best way to make decisions

Note, this article is not called “the way to make the best decisions”. However, the best method of decision making goes as follows.

Short story

Superb concision.

The coaching conversation

Well formed outcomes are essential in defining or gathering requirements with a client. In fact, they are (or should be) the requirements. An outcome is the answer to the

Being right

Being right can be a big problem for people in charge—and indeed for people whose quality of service relies on their capacity to give good advice: accountants, financial

On eyes and looking

Look before you leap?

On women and men

"If you wish women to love you, be original; I know a man who used to wear felt boots summer and winter, and women fell in love with him." Chekhov

Shiny red car

One day, a driving instructor wrote in and asked for comments about his website. Could we think of any ways to improve it?