How to transform a relationship in twenty minutes

The client of a colleague reported difficulty being a parent to his middle child. The child was clearly unhappy. The father was unhappy because he did not know what to do

The best way to make decisions

Note, this article is not called “the way to make the best decisions”. However, the best method of decision making goes as follows.

Dispute resolution

If two people are in a dispute, the problem is never the thing the dispute is about, the problem is that they are having a dispute. Disputes are just a particular type of conflict.

Being right

Being right can be a big problem for people in charge—and indeed for people whose quality of service relies on their capacity to give good advice: accountants, financial

Thinker, feeler, knower, sensor ?

In 1928, Carl Jung identified that people receive and process information in four ways: thinking, feeling, intuition and sensing (in a kinaesthetic sense)

Thirty tips for handling stress

Emotionally intelligent techniques: reactive (in and after specific stressful situation), be assertive, reframe : look for what you can appreciate in yourself

Stages of a work relationship—introduction

‘Businesses are just people’. Of course, this isn't to belittle people...

Stages of a work relationship—4 and 5

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which partnership and leadership are the fourth and fifth.

Stages of a work relationship—3

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which the third, dead zone, is covered here.

Stages of a work relationship—1 and 2

Relationships go through a number of stages, the first two of which are honeymoon and power struggle.