The chorusmaster’s tale

Havergal Brian's Gothic symphony remains one of the most challenging works in the choral repertoire. Far from being the random jottings of a deluded old man, the work is a

What is a «facilitating environment»?

Some time ago, I was running a workshop about leadership for charity bosses. During the conversation, one of the participants told us about the time when her charity lost a

Stress and work

A major issue with businesses is the extent to which stress felt by people in the business is created by the circumstances of the business and in the business. This is a

Helping students get (better) jobs

GradStart is a programme of workshops and associated supporting activities which raises students' abilities before and during job search. It is tailored to meet the needs of,

An approach to hiring and inducting graduates that works

During the course of our conversation, it became apparent that Waterstons not only has a well-developed process for bringing new graduate recruits into the business, but also

The intergenerational communication gap at work

That there is an intergenerational communication gap shouldn’t come as surprise. Many people experience it directly. And, ’twas ever thus:

How to improve your business website—3

Blogs are very important. They demonstrate that you are a human being. Blogs about "sign up now, only two places left" tell the reader that you're more interested in selling

How to improve your business website—2

Here is a suggested structure for a business website which assumes that its purpose is to convince visitors that you know what you are talking about. The intended outcome is

How to improve your business website—1

Stay with this. Although what I will propose may sound radical, it doesn’t need much work now; you can add to it later (and for search engine purposes, should be built up

Stages of personal development—1 The basics

The emotional intelligence at work model is complex. Let’s start with the basic, underlying principles.