Twelve precepts of leadership

Here are twelve precepts of leadership which we find are the most useful...

What do managers who are leaders do…

We believe leaders differentiate themselves from others in four ways...

Leadership thought

Thought-provoking videos and material on other websites on leadership.

Leadership is an attitude

Leadership is not a job—it isn't a type of management...

Why being in control is not always a good idea

I once had a boss who wouldn’t let out of the door a proposal, or even a letter, I’d written before he had revised it half a dozen times. How did I feel?

Why it can be so difficult to take action

I have a client – or, rather, I don’t have a client – who, despite being granted funding for coaching, has still not booked the first session after four months.

An emotionally intelligent view of motivation

A friend’s daughter went on an assertiveness course. “How did it go?” we asked when she returned. “It was alright, but people are still not doing what I tell them to do.”

Effective leadership

Defining leadership as an attitude empowers everyone to show leadership abilities.