What goes around comes around

It’s said that men tend to have a linear view of progress whereas women’s view is cyclical.

Why being in control is not always a good idea

I once had a boss who wouldn’t let out of the door a proposal, or even a letter, I’d written before he had revised it half a dozen times. How did I feel?

Why it can be so difficult to take action

I have a client – or, rather, I don’t have a client – who, despite being granted funding for coaching, has still not booked the first session after four months.

An emotionally intelligent view of motivation

A friend’s daughter went on an assertiveness course. “How did it go?” we asked when she returned. “It was alright, but people are still not doing what I tell them to do.”

Leadership overview

Leadership is an attitude. It’s a way of relating to other people which can be practised by everyone.

Being passionate

“Do people buy what you do or why you do it?”

‘I speak directly to myself’

"I always had a music in my head, it never corresponded to the music that I played”...

What is networking, really?

The strongest route to having someone buy your services or products is if someone they trust recommends you.

‘Cargo cult’ networking

In the years during and after the second world war, vast amounts of war material were airdropped into the islands of New Guinea during the Pacific campaign.