On women and men—2

Camille Paglia seems to be the feminist who most annoys other feminists. Yet I cannot see much other than wisdom in what she writes.

The «psychopathic corporation»

Although I embrace the concepts of a "psychopathic corporation" wholeheartedly, I suggest that there is more than one way to “put the shareholders’ interests above a

A steel rose

Newsletter 112 : 27 january 2016

On being a parent : on being a child—2

We were all children once. How we were brought up has affected, irretrievably, how we are now. It would be foolish to overlook the parallels that can be drawn between

On courage

Courage is grace under pressure. Ernest Hemingway . letter to F Scott Fitzgerald

Look around you

Newsletter 111 : 12 january 2016

Phone home

Newsletter 110 : 18 december 2015

Why employee development matters

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Look it up

Newsletter 109 : 6 december 2015

Being metaphysical

The 'metaphysical poets' have a reputation for being difficult. And they are. However the metaphysical poets, amongst whom Donne and Marvell stand tall, can use language in