Elsie had a tempestuous childhood relationship with her sister and this troubled her well into her adult life.

«Network better»: the programme

The programme will enable attenders to hugely raise their game in business networking and referral marketing.


Attitude is not a negative word. It’s true you can have a bad attitude towards something; but equally you can have a good attitude towards something, for example business

On loss

We suffer loss; it's how you deal with it that counts.

A short piece about being «good enough»

When I encounter resistance to this phrase (which is surprisingly often) it is usually, I feel, because people misunderstand it. It’s almost as if they think it means “not

A short piece about the «facilitating environment»

Creating a “facilitating environment” is a key component of leadership. And, as I suggest leadership is an approach, an attitude, rather than a job description, it is

Stress and work

A major issue with businesses is the extent to which stress felt by people in the business is created by the circumstances of the business and in the business. This is a

On (not) learning from history

Do we learn anything from history? Clearly the opportunities are abundant, but...

A (very) short piece about the stages of a work relationship

The five stages of a business relationship

A short piece about intention

Having previously said that I don’t recommend having expectations, it may seem perverse that I am suggesting that intentions are fine. But these really aren’t the same thing.