When we judge someone we apply a label to them that it is virtually impossible for them to remove. If we judge someone to be a poor manager then we will interpret everything


Projection is a basic psychological mechanism which human beings deploy all the time, albeit unconsciously. Projection is universal. For example, we project our values onto

A short piece about the comfort zone

It is a natural behavioural strategy to avoid situations which are stressful or have the potential to be stressful. Of course, one person’s stressor [condition which causes

On love

... thirteen quotations

A short piece about being the change you want to see in the world

Attributed to Gandhi, Be the change you want to see in the world encapsulates the idea of responsibility. If, as a leader, we see that something is needed in our business or

A short piece about fear

In 1987, Susan Jeffers published her book, Feel the fear and do it anyway. Such a good title. Indeed, such a good title that you don’t really need to read the book: it is

A short piece about dealing with difficult people

In a webpage that I will elaborate and extend any day now, I give no fewer than thirty tips for dealing with difficult people. However, the three top ones are:

A short piece about dealing with one’s expectations

We have expectations about our experiences, and expectations of others and ourself. In all cases, we have a (hidden) demand that we, things, life, or other people should be

A short piece about nature versus nurture

One still comes across, with depressing frequency, articles which ask whether nature or nurture is responsible for a human trait. The writer posits some debate or argument

A short piece about expectations

Broadly there are three categories where we have expectations... Of course, some things, like family holidays, can be a letdown for all three reasons.