A short piece about why we behave the way we do

We invariably behave in a certain way at every moment in our lives for reasons. We might believe it is the right thing to do. We might feel that acting in this way will

A short piece about your purpose

Whether it is a meeting, a conversation, a business, a job, a holiday—absolutely any human activity—it is worth asking: “What is the purpose of this meeting, conversation,

A short piece about emotional intelligence

IQ, or ‘conventional’ intelligence, is too narrow a concept with which to understand how and why people can be successful. It ignores essential personality, character,

A short piece about problems

Whenever anybody tells me they have a problem, all I know at that moment is that that is not the problem.

Stages of personal development—2 Stage 1: Dependence

The first stage of our model of personal development is dependence. Like the other stages, this stage has three steps and this article is about them. The dependence stage is


When I was quite small, my mother let me play out in the street when I was at home... Trouble was, in the house at the top of the road, there lived an Alsatian dog and,

Networking: just do it

Maggie was one of two directors of a small business. The directors knew that business networking was an important part of their strategy for growing the business, but only

Trust me, I’m a director

... the board wanted me to interview each member of the business... One finding was very prominent: the staff believed that the directors didn’t trust them.

Stages of personal development—1 The basics

The emotional intelligence at work model is complex. Let’s start with the basic, underlying principles.

Being good enough

When I encounter resistance to this phrase (which is surprisingly often) it is usually, I feel, because people misunderstand it. Note that the phrase “good enough” contains