How to ask open questions confidently

I was asked on LinkedIn how less sure and less experienced coaches could increase their confidence to ask the most useful questions which can often be the hardest to ask (and

“I’m becoming stressed and disillusioned”

Is your business helping or preventing you achieve personal goals? How about your staff? Why do you go to work? However much you enjoy what you do most people work in order

Thirty tips for dealing with difficult people

Attitude, make the other person more important than you, communicate, don’t judge them, don’t turn it into a fight, see every attack as a cry for help

Thirty tips for handling stress

Emotionally intelligent techniques: reactive (in and after specific stressful situation), be assertive, reframe : look for what you can appreciate in yourself

The behaviour cycle

For every person, behaviour is driven by their emotions and feelings, and by their thoughts and beliefs. One cannot act unless one has premises on which to initiate

Glass of water

A trainer walked around a room. As she did so, she raised a glass of water. Everyone expected they'd be asked the old "half empty or half full?" question. Instead,

What emotional intelligence is not

EI is values-neutral and it isn’t about controlling others’ emotions.

Seeing the light

I’d been working with Mike and his business for some time. One morning, we were talking about his five year plan and his strategy to meet the targets in the plan.

Personal goals

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about how an emotionally intelligent approach can help us reach our personal goals.

Stop it!

Bob Newhart's classic (in every sense of the word) sketch reveals a few truths