On silence

...nine quietly effective quotations

Being a hypocrite

It's easy to be hypocritical, but you need to be a national politician to do it spectacularly. More examples (from any era) welcomed.

On truth

Personally, I am not sure there is anything called "truth". There are true statements but, just as there is not a concrete thing called "greenness" even though there are

On change—1

As they say, change is the only certainty (well, apart from death and taxes, of course).

On leadership

The internet hardly needs another page of quotations about leadership. I hope this selection has the merit of being different and thought-provoking.

On being a parent : on being a child

We were all children once. How we were brought up has affected, irretrievably, how we are now. It would be foolish to overlook the parallels that can be drawn between