Elsie had a tempestuous childhood relationship with her sister and this troubled her well into her adult life.

Empathy: the human connection to patient care

This promotional video for the Cleveland Clinic is beautifully judged. Interesting that there is no voiceover. A good example of

Embrace life

This is our favourite video. A transcendent example of the principle that, if you want to get someone to do something, shouting at them, scaring them, revolting them, even,

The power of music

This ad for Milton Keynes ran on British television in the seventies. Cut to varying lengths depending on when it was run, this is the complete version, a treat for late

The power of words

The film eloquently and compellingly makes the point, “it’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it”.

Short story

Superb concision.

Glass of water

A trainer walked around a room. As she did so, she raised a glass of water. Everyone expected they'd be asked the old "half empty or half full?" question. Instead,


From Woody Allen's film Stardust memories with Charlotte Rampling.

Stop it!

Bob Newhart's classic (in every sense of the word) sketch reveals a few truths


Apart from a few odd individuals, people don’t buy power tools so they can slip into the garage and caress them. They buy an electric drill because they need a hole in the wall.