What is a «facilitating environment»?

Some time ago, I was running a workshop about leadership for charity bosses. During the conversation, one of the participants told us about the time when her charity lost a

A (very) short piece about the stages of a work relationship

The five stages of a business relationship

A short piece about (un)conscious (in)competence

A useful model of how we learn. It applies to any other skill in which there is a strong behavioural component which is also restricted in the choices of behaviour possible.

Behavioural flexibility

Sometimes we get on instantly with another person, sometimes there’s a clash. The clash arises because one or both people have insufficiently considered the needs of the other.

Time and motion

It was a care home. He couldn’t be entirely clear what their problem was, but they had said they needed a time and motion study and, did I do those?

Stages of a work relationship—introduction

‘Businesses are just people’. Of course, this isn't to belittle people...

Stages of a work relationship—4 and 5

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which partnership and leadership are the fourth and fifth.

Stages of a work relationship—3

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which the third, dead zone, is covered here.

Improving team performance

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about his approach to improving team performance

Stages of a work relationship—1 and 2

Relationships go through a number of stages, the first two of which are honeymoon and power struggle.