“I’m not making progress with networking”

Most businesspeople are not as successful at networking as they would like to be.

A short piece about problems

Whenever anybody tells me they have a problem, all I know at that moment is that that is not the problem.

GradStart for graduate recruits—introduction

GradStart is a personal development programme designed to enable graduate recruits to develop the skills they need to function optimally in the workplace

“We are unhappy with the level of customer service we provide”

In such a competitive world, failure to deliver first class customer service will adversely affect the business's performance.

“I am unable to get my team to deliver”

Are you struggling to get the most out of your team? Have you suddenly found yourself in a leadership role for which you do not feel qualified? At emotional intelligence at

“I’m becoming stressed and disillusioned”

Is your business helping or preventing you achieve personal goals? How about your staff? Why do you go to work? However much you enjoy what you do most people work in order

“We are struggling to grow the business…”

Building a successful business is no mean feat. Of course, along the way, there are always hurdles to overcome. Sometimes the barriers are obvious, more sales are needed or

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