Benefits of outside influences to businesses

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about why most businesses benefit from some sort of external scrutiny, intervention or influence.

Improving team performance

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about his approach to improving team performance

Changing the business

In this video, Jeremy Marchant discusses how to approach change in a way that ensures its success within a business.

Falling off the business life cycle?

Businesses are generally recognised as moving through different stages. This is usually referred to as the “business life cycle” though it isn’t actually a cycle

Why some businesses stall

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks briefly about why some businesses inexplicably get stuck

Stuck in the growth stage

It is possible for a business to be “stuck in growth”: to be outwardly successful, but not actually achieving the full potential of the people in it.

Moving into maturity

Many businesses are somewhere in the growth stage. We argue that a business should aim to get out of this stage—into maturity—as soon as it can

What is the purpose of your business?

If you don’t know what the purpose of your business is you will find it hard to be compelling, or even comprehensible when you talk about it.

The case for intervention

Why businesses often need some fresh input from outside...

Going for growth

What do you measure when you measure business growth?...