Principles of leadership

These principles are statements of how the world is. They're particularly useful to practising leadership.

Why tell a story?

Stories are memorable in ways that dry factual statements aren’t, particularly when people are listening to a number of other people for the first time all telling them what

the emotional intelligence at work rationale

emotional intelligence at work has three beliefs based on three concepts. These are underpinned by a rationale which goes like this:

Personal effectiveness

This is a set of courses whose intention is to enable people to perform more effectively at work. That starts with being able to perform more effectively oneself.

Interpersonal effectiveness

If a business is to be more successful, the people in the business will need to be able to work with each other better. This training addresses this need.

The difference between management and leadership

In this IoD video, Jeremy Marchant discusses the difference between leadership and management.

Introduction to emotional intelligence at work

Jeremy Marchant's first ever video (2009) in which he discussed emotional intelligence at work with Dave Harries.

Stages of a work relationship—introduction

‘Businesses are just people’. Of course, this isn't to belittle people...


From Woody Allen's film Stardust memories with Charlotte Rampling.

Lonely at the top?

In this video, Jeremy Marchant suggests a simple remedy for managers and bosses who feel it's lonely at the top.