Personal goals

In this video, Jeremy Marchant talks about how an emotionally intelligent approach can help us reach our personal goals.

Motivation and management

In this video, Jeremy Marchant discusses how managers can be taught to do the things that leaders do, including creating contexts in which people become motivated.

Stretch—don’t stress

It is a natural behavioural strategy to avoid situations which are stressful or have the potential to be stressful.

How to tell when a relationship is over…

... in ninety seconds. A very droll resume of key events when things go wobbly

Developing people

We are often asked if/how we train people to be more emotionally intelligent. This isn’t possible: you can only...

Strategic leadership programme

The strategic leadership programme of coaching and mentoring uses six core models. These describe how people behave in emotionally intelligent terms.

Influencing others

To help us understand how to be more influential it’s useful to understand what generates our and others’ behaviour.

Well formed outcomes

Well formed outcomes are essential for any service provider in defining or gathering requirements with a client

The outcome of any communication is what we intend it to be

We can only understand what someone says to us in the context of our own experiences and attitudes. We cannot import the other person into our minds.