Who to focus on when networking

For anyone to refer their contacts—possibly close business partners or friends—to your business, they will have to have a certain minimum level of awareness of you and your

Structure your story well

There are many structures that story-tellers can use. But some structures are more useful than others for the purpose of networking. Here is one that works.

How many referrals do you need?

Use this simple calculator to give yourself an idea of how many referrals you need from networking

Customer service thought

Many businesses that think they provide customer services just don't get it. They think that service begins and ends in the interactions they have with their customers,

Why tell a story?

Stories are memorable in ways that dry factual statements aren’t, particularly when people are listening to a number of other people for the first time all telling them what

Getting clients 2

Bids and tenders are often essential to get a client, particularly in large projects Yet many are quite simply not up to the job, let alone being actually compelling.

Getting clients by networking and advocacy

All businesses need to be aware of the power of networking and advocacy as a means of obtaining clients. Often, it is the most productive use of businesspeople’s limited time


Jeremy Marchant is a partner with Synatus, a UK-wide group of some 150 consultants, coaches and mentors, interim managers and others

Five emotionally intelligent marketing tips

The meaning of a message is what the recipient makes of it