Building advocacy relationships in business

Advocacy marketing is a powerful and, arguably, essential component of any business's marketing strategy.

An emotionally intelligent approach to sales

...Amazingly, the salesman still persisted – so my client walked out, the laptops not bought...


The navy's most advanced submarine came to a halt and eventually limped into port.

The outcome of any communication is what we intend it to be

We can only understand what someone says to us in the context of our own experiences and attitudes. We cannot import the other person into our minds.

Being passionate

“Do people buy what you do or why you do it?”

What is networking, really?

The strongest route to having someone buy your services or products is if someone they trust recommends you.

‘Cargo cult’ networking

In the years during and after the second world war, vast amounts of war material were airdropped into the islands of New Guinea during the Pacific campaign.