Principles of leadership

These principles are statements of how the world is. They're particularly useful to practising leadership.

Glass of water

A trainer walked around a room. As she did so, she raised a glass of water. Everyone expected they'd be asked the old "half empty or half full?" question. Instead,

What emotional intelligence is not

EI is values-neutral and it isn’t about controlling others’ emotions.

Interpersonal effectiveness

If a business is to be more successful, the people in the business will need to be able to work with each other better. This training addresses this need.

Stages of a work relationship—introduction

‘Businesses are just people’. Of course, this isn't to belittle people...

Stages of a work relationship—4 and 5

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which partnership and leadership are the fourth and fifth.

Stages of a work relationship—3

Relationships go through a number of stages, of which the third, dead zone, is covered here.

Stages of a work relationship—1 and 2

Relationships go through a number of stages, the first two of which are honeymoon and power struggle.

How to tell when a relationship is over…

... in ninety seconds. A very droll resume of key events when things go wobbly